These thought-provoking questions will get your book club discussion heated up quickly. If you haven’t read the Wedding & Disaster of Felona Mabel, proceed with caution because the questions are spoilerish.

  1. Acceptance, despite origin, lies at the heart of the novel. How has acceptance or lack thereof played a role in your own life experience? How prominently has it shaped your life?
  2. If Felona’s mother, Dianne, had succumbed to her coma and died, do you think the overall outcome would have been different for Felona? Why?
  3. Fire is a constant element throughout the story. What did it represent in regards to Dianne? Tobias? Felona?
  4. What was Felona really afraid of?
  5. The cities, Nathaniel and Admah City, are both backgrounds and characters. What do they represent?
  6. Every woman is representative of a kind of strength. How did Dianne display fortitude? Felona? Ny? Zoe?
  7. Was Felona wrong to leave Vin at the altar?
  8. A significant character from Kenn Bivins’ Pious makes an appearance. Who is that person and when does he/she appear?
  9. Tobias and Felona clearly love one another. Do you think that their relationship will mature into a romantic relationship or will they always be platonic best friends?
  10. How do you envision Felona and her mother’s relationship five years from now?

If you haven’t read the Wedding & Disaster of Felona Mabel yet…